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Get Your Website & Marketing Updated

With changing COVID-19 alert levels and business operating rules, it's important to keep your customers informed about what's happening with your business and how they can support you. 

Update Google My Business listing

  1. Update your opening hours

  2. Communicate temporary closures, or re-openings

  3. Keep your business info updated

  4. Create a COVID-19 Post

  5. Reattract customers with an Offer

Image by NordWood Themes

Update your website

  1. Add a dedicated COVID-19 landing page

  2. Add an alert banner or pop-up window

  3. Update your critical contact details

  4. Create a new blog category for pandemic updates

  5. Make social media links and widgets highly visible

Social media updates

  1. Update your opening hours

  2. Add temporary service changes to your Facebook page - instructions here

  3. Keep customers informed by posting regularly

  4. Set up automated greetings, question prompts and instant replies on Messenger  - instructions here

  5. Be creative and have some fun with your posts! 


If you need any assistance updating your website or Google My Business listing, get in touch!

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